CSA Member Comments

 2013 Customer Comments from our 2013 CSA Season Survey

- We thoroughly enjoyed our first year with the CSA. The quantity and quality of the produce was exceptional and it was a fun adventure planning our meals around our share. It has been disappointing having to buy our produce at the grocery store since the CSA season ended. We are looking forward to next year's crops!

- In casual conversations with other CSA participants from other farms, we always came away feeling like we liked how Gorman Farms operated.

- I really enjoyed this first CSA experience, and I can't wait for next year so I can participate for the whole season!

- The quality of the produce, both in the CSA and farm stand, are fantastic. You really can't beat locally-grown food. I always looked forward to coming in on pickup days, chatting with the staff, and seeing what goodies I'd have to eat that week. I probably ate more healthily during this CSA season than I ever have, and it was delicious.

- It was a great experience in every way. We told friends, family, and neighbors about it.best CSA

- I have referred multiple people and, now, I almost always run into somebody I know when doing pickup. Participating in Gorman Farm makes me feel like I live in a small town with a local community being supported by OUR farm. Hope you don't mind but that's what the kids call it - OUR farm!

- You made our whole year brighter; we treasured Wed pickups; had to be creative with some of the new produce or more produce than usual and if you had a option to upload, I'd send you my heart shaped sweet potato lunch from your farm that made me smile.

- We loved trying lots of new vegetables we'd never had before and now we have some new favorites. The freshness and quality of the vegetables was great!

- This was my first time in a CSA. I loved the weekly pick ups, the variety, and the value. Now that it is over for the year, what I get at the grocery store is somewhat inferior.

- Pickup was always something we looked forward to. We miss GF!

- Our three kids love accompanying us to the farm stand and helping choose and weigh the produce. We're always greeted with a smile and the kids feel free to explore and to ask questions of the staff. We love Gorman!

- My 3.5 year old loves going "to pickup our vegetables" every Friday and seeing the big tractors! He also really loved the kids corner and especially the little shopping cart. I liked that he was learning where his food comes from and felt one step closer to that experience.

- Participating in the CSA results in cooking adventures that we are enjoying. We have added many new vegetables & recipes to our family menu. The food is very high quality.

- We loved everything about the entire experience: visiting the farm, experimenting with new foods, eating the delicious produce, enjoying a healthier diet, and helping contribute to a more sustainable way of living. I would recommend Gorman Farms to anyone. Thank you all so much!

- Gorman is the real deal! They are passionate and true to their mission of providing REAL produce for the community.

- We love the whole experience of getting our food from the farm. Each week it felt like we were given such a gift. The farm CSA and stand have come a long way since we first joined, and each year gets better.

- A good friend will likely be joining next year after she picked up my share one week; she was very impressed!

- I loved going to the farm each week. I like to know where my food was grown. Plus, it's just a peaceful place.

- Love how well-organized this CSA is!

- Just love the farm and the produce that comes from it and your hard work. Please keep it up, it is a great thing for our community.


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Gorman Farm 2012 CSA Member Comments

"We love Gorman Farms - the staff, the place, the food. Thank you!!!!"

- "I love my Gorman Farms CSA! I am so sad it's over, but look forward to 2013!"

- "Thank you for your responsiveness and obvious attention to quality and customer experience"

- "Gorman Farm has been our favorite CSA by far. The quality of your produce is significantly better than the others. We've also been very happy with your overall quantity, variety, logistics, convenience, and friendliness."

- "I know we eat a good deal more veggies while the farm stand is open because the produce has a very definite fresher flavor than that which we can purchase in the store. In some ways you could say we become "somewhat vegetarians"
during the CSA months."

- "We thoroughly enjoyed trying new vegetables and expanding our culinary horizons: thanks for such a great, local experience! We are already looking forward to next year."

- "I really enjoyed the CSA. It really gave me a sense of community and not being from this area, I felt a little more at home having fresh vegetables as we always did back where I grew up. The vegetables were always wonderful and I enjoyed
having a good reason to stop by the farm every week. Thank you all so much for all you do! Also, the honey is a-m-a-z-i-n-g."

- "Your staff is friendly and the overall experience is great. I appreciate what you do
for my health and for the community. Thanks"

- "Thanks for all your hard work to provide excellent local produce in the area. This will be my 3rd season in the CSA and I recommend you highly to anyone who will listen"

- "Really appreciate all the hard work and care that goes into the farm - it shows in the gorgeous delicious produce! Thanks for feeding us"

- "Your produce was a great value and fantastic quality! I am so glad that I participated!!! "

- "I thought given how young the CSA and the crazy weather that you did a good job balancing/honoring csa contract commitments each week against customer expectations. I liked occasional conversations with Famer Dave hearing about the weather the yellow on the tops or shoulders of tomatoes and how to fix or solve it by adding ingredients to the soil. I liked hearing about the weather, crops or bees and honey or where the corn was from and if it was good and that a gallon of cider was made available just for me after weeks of just missing being able to buy it. I would read the newsletter for tidbits like that. In grocery store's you are lucky to get COOL (Country of origin labeling) as to whether that lettuce is from Mexico or the Midwest and don't know conditions, such as: soil, water or pesticides it was grown in or how long it's been on the shelves."

- "We did not expect such a variety and were so excited to pick up every week. Even my daughter's friends enjoyed tagging along to the farm. We made sure to try any items that we have never had before. Even if we had to choose between something new or a favorite item. I learned how to cook several veggies. I have told several friends about the CSA. Thank you for the recipes. They were very helpful."

- "We rave about your CSA and have gotten some people to try yours as well as the CSA concept in general for those who don't live in the area. We hooked my wife's parents on a CSA in their neighborhood."

- "Thank you for the care you take in farming and providing organic food. The CSA is a great opportunity for our family to experience fresh, healthy fruits and veggies."

- "In general, we've been very happy with Gorman Farms. Compared to friends who have other CSAs and who shop solely at Farmers Markets, we find we get great value for organic produce, the freshest "from the farm" food, and exceptional variety within a week's share."

- "Had comments from friends about how tasty and beautiful items were when they were visiting - much more flavor than grocery store."

- "Everyone working at the stand was always very helpful and friendly."

- "My children understand that food that is good for you is grown. Real food comes from plants. This is an important lesson that children actually have to be taught in today's world."

- "Have never had anything but a great experience. You guys have great hours, are friendly, and take credit cards. Nothing to complain about. I recommend you to everyone."

- "It tickled me to realize that our veggie intake has increased due to participating in the CSA program. I've always had a hard time getting us to eat more veggies, but I suppose that's because I never branched out much from our "comfort veggies". Getting such a variety and quantity each week has really forced me to learn about new veggies and how to use them, and ultimately led to us having new favorites."

- "This was a great experience! We tried many new vegetables as a result of the CSA; which made meal planning a bit of an adventure. We enjoyed the challenge and have found some great ways to use the vegetables that will be "keepers" in our family meals"

Comments from prior seasons

- "Gorman Farm has better variety and more choices, such as the many pepper types, greens types, etc. I liked choosing my own veggies at the stand. I love knowing what veggies I buy are grown locally. You do a fantastic job! I love your newsletter and tried several recipes."
organic csa farm in maryland
- "Thank you for the opportunity to put my politics in action locally and eat well. You saved me a lot of money $$ at the grocery store because I always overspend when I go, and because of my shares, I didn't have to go nearly as much."

- "This has been great again. I appreciate the knowledge of the staff, the ideas for cooking some of the less common veggies and the variety."

- "Really enjoyed the honey this year! We appreciate everyones kindness and helpful tips!!"

- "We love the recipes in the newsletter and the variety of fruits & veggies."

- "You had more weekly variety, our last CSA had more unusual items, but we were given a box. I liked being able to pick my own produce."

- "The people at your produce stand are extremely friendly, helpful, and informative. We've had a great experience with you."

- "The variety & price of the produce is excellent."

- "Love the newsletter and recipes, would appreciate tours of the field."

- "Food is fresher, enjoy contact with staff which we didn't have before; enjoy talking recipes and help with identifying veggies - which was a problem before. The newsletter was great - also love the signs and general welcoming feelings. It was fun to pick out the produce instead of being given a box - one had a roach last year not your csa. For health and energy reasons we prefer organic and local veggies. We want to support local growers. We want to be challenged to try new produce"

- "I especially enjoyed the variety of greens - it promoted a good diet for the summer"

- "I like the ability to pick from what's available"

- "We've been really happy with the CSA and are so glad that we signed up. We really look forward to next year and stopping by the farm stand."

- "I wanted our family to support a local and organic farm that would provide us with fresh from the farm veggies and introduce us to some new produce. I wanted my children involved in a "hands-on" experience and feel like they had some choice in healthy foods each week.
    We have thoroughly enjoyed this, our 1st CSA experience. Yes, we were overwhelmed sometimes with peppers and potatoes but hey - we understand that we get what we get according to your successful (or unsuccessful) season/crop which hinges on weather & other factors out of anyones control (stinkbugs).
        This is a risk anyone takes when investing in a share and we knew that coming into it. WE LOVED watching the farm stand transform week to week - from no scales to a few scales to set-up changes to the fancy new CSA chalkboard to providing baked treats from a local baker!
            I feel the overall cost of the full share was an absolute bargain (shh…please don't increase the price!!) Each week I compared my share to the local grocery store organic offerings… I happily didn't purchase most veggies at the store from june - oct."

- "Loved the idea of local/close fun to visit with my granddaughters"

- "Thank you for all your hard work & your newsletters. Using Le Ann Chin's cookbook (Chinese stir frying) I used all the greens."

- "It has been a great experience to plan my meals around the season's vegetables"

- "Love being a member of this CSA! We're in for good!"

- "I really enjoyed everything. The newsletters were great way for us to feel connected to the farm. Everyone working there was knowledgable and friendly."

- "It has been fabulous. The food is wonderful and I love coming to the farm with my small son."

- "Great experience"

- "Excellent Staff - very friendly, great experience"

- "We had a great experience - will definitely be back next year"