CSA Member Testimonials

2015 CSA Member Testimonials:

- Gorman Farms has more variety and better quality.

- We just absolutely love this CSA! Our palates have grown and diversified and we feel so healthy eating all of our CSA goodies. We love knowing that we are eating healthy, but also that we are doing something meaningful to support our community. This CSA is a gem and we look forward to being members for a long time to come!

- For the 4+ years we have been members, we have an absolutely wonderful experience! The produce is fresh and there is so much to choose from. The staff is so helpful. They have treated us like family. I would recommend Gorman Farm to anyone!

- It was our first year participating in a CSA, and we couldn't believe the difference between store bought organic produce and what we got from the farm. The farm produce tasted, and even smelled, so much better than store bought organic produce.

- I have loved watching you grow and improve each year. It's awesome that you listen to your members and try so hard to make everyone happy.

- I've always loved salads, but never as much as when they were made from the wonderful lettuce and veggies from the farm. Amazing.

- Thank you for another wonderful year. We love being a part of your CSA and can't wait until next year. On another note...my deepest appreciation to you. My friend and I have been reaching out to the community since we tragically lost our dear friend who loved Gorman Farm. When I learned you had offered her family a year of CSA I fell in love with you even more. What an amazing family you all are. I wanted to express my thanks and let you know it means so much to her family. You have beautiful hearts! Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for an incredible year!

- I have two small children and you have done such a nice job making your farm and the CSA experience family friendly. I bring my kids whenever I can - it is such a great way to expose them.

- I didn't grow up with a super-wide palate -- my Dad is a very picky eater, and my Mom cooked to keep him happy. Thanks to my CSA experiences, I have tried many foods that I NEVER would have bought off of a grocery store shelf -- this is one major reason I signed up for a CSA the very first year. I never would have bought eggplant on my own. I never would have bought kale on my own -- and now my children CLAMOR for kale chips at every turn!! There are many greens and other vegetables (kohlrabi!) that you introduced me to, and I am SO thankful that my children have this experience, not being afraid to try new foods and have an experimental palate!

- The produce was in great quality, I LOVE that you strive for organic. The variety you can't beat for the price. The farm was always so peaceful and soothing to visit (even in the rain in my work clothes I found myself grinning at the kids jumping in puddles... and sometimes joining them!).CSA columbia MD.

- The layout for pick-up is down to a science. So quick and easy. Sarah is wonderful, super knowledgeable and always helpful. I love the variety and the experience and lessons my kids get out of helping me. And, there's nothing better than sitting under the big shade-tree on a beautiful day and taking in the beauty of the farm while the kids play. There are very few places left in Howard county where there isn't a structure plopped down every 10 feet, or construction in progress. Gorman farms is a mini-vacation from everyday life and I'm proud to be a part of it and support it for years to come!

- We love our CSA food. We enjoy trying new foods and teaching our kids about where food comes from and the work it takes to grow it.

- Wonderful experience and great food! I love my CSA!

- Thank you for what you do!!

- Such wonderful food and wonderful people. I enjoy the whole experience! Been a member since the beginning.

- You should be so proud of the caliber program you are running. Thank you so much.

- I have already recommended your program to several friends.

- We love the program.

- CSA adds to the quality of life for families and for the community.

- Got my family to eat things they normally would not! Love the family atmosphere! My 15 year old, picky eater son says "Keep making good food"

- It is always a pleasure to come to the farm and choose our items. It is pleasant break in the day, after work. The staff has always been kind and knowledgeable, and responsive.

- My partner and I looked forward each week to the newsletter. We felt like we were part of a family-type community by learning more about the farm. While we gobbled up every bite of the produce, the connection we have to the farm keeps us full throughout the off-season. Thank you, Gorman Farm Family!

- I learned to can with all the tomatoes we got this year!

- I looked forward to your newsletters with a list of weekly harvests and recipes involving some of the veggies. I tried quite a few rather successfully.
Organic Farm Columbia Md.
- Extremely helpful staff.

- Gorman Farms is totally awesome!

- Always felt welcomed and appreciated.

- Thank you for giving us the opportunity to support a local organic farm. We always receive a great variety of fresh produce and are able to enjoy some things we had never had before. The staff is always wonderful and pickups are convenient and easy. We look forward to next year!

- I liked being able to select my own vegetables, the "trade table" .

- It was a fabulous experience all around.

- Well managed CSA

- We live in such a large area, but when I go to the farm, I feel like I'm back in a small town. I always see friends there, and the staff is always friendly and ready to help. I love the challenge of trying to figure out how to cook new things, or figure out how to get the most use out of the produce. You treat your members like family. When one of your members experienced a horrible tragedy at the end of the season, you took some extra time to put together a large amount of food for their family, and then checked in later to see how things were going. I can't think of many businesses in this area that would go that far for a customer.

- Variety of food, relax and welcoming atmosphere at the farm, good for kids
Everything was great

- Wonderful, fresh vegetables every week. Very easy to use the whole box without being inconvenienced.

- I love that I get to pick my veggies rather than getting a pre-made box. I love the trade table!

- We really liked getting some things that we had never had before (garlic scapes and the variety of greens)! We only discovered some of our current favorite recipes thanks to the items we received through the CSA. Plus, we loved being able to tell people that dishes we prepared that they were enjoying included produce grown in Maryland.

- I love the quality of the food. It retains its freshness much longer than store bought produce. I love the newsletter's information about farming. It truly increases my appreciation of the food. The whole experience improves health and boosts gratitude for the role food and food production plays in life.

- Fresher vegetables really do taste better. I never got to notice this until we joined Gorman.

- The variety, I absolutely LOVE the library.

- So happy to have you in our neighborhood and in our pantry/fridge/freezer! I live for the 20-24 weeks a year that we have CSA and struggle when we have to go back to the regular market during the winter. CSA.

- I really enjoyed the pick-up each week and seeing all the different folks from the community at the barn. Many were young professionals like myself which was nice to see.

- My children (3 and 6) really like coming out to pick up our weekly produce. Thanks for including an area for them to play after helping to choose our food!

- Sarah was awesome at sharing ideas for using produce in our share and was very knowledgable about each item in the weekly haul.

- The quality of the produce. You can definitely taste the difference compared to what's in the grocery store. And we love knowing where our food comes from and that we're supporting a local farm.Local produce Columbia Md.

- Extremely fresh produce weekly, can't beat that!

- You helped us eat better-thanks!

- I loved the experience. I would swing by the farm on my way home from work every Thursday, and the trip was the highlight of my week. The last pick up of the season was a somber event because I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to the farm until Spring. I wish the CSA could go all year!

- This is more than a seasonal supply of vegetables. It is a multi-generational commitment to local agriculture and understanding of sustainable food practices (using organic practices).

- Your CSA manager is wonderful - I enjoyed speaking with her. We really enjoyed trying the blue potatoes :-)

- LOVE the honey; also, we like the option to trade out an item we don't use for another option on the trade/share table

- This was our third year and we are still very pleased with the program. We look forward to June and the influx of veggies every year.

- Variety and quality of food, it's great to make meals with produce grown 2 miles from home and freshly picked. I've also tried new foods and recipes I would not have otherwise considered on my own, you've expanded the horizons of this once-picky eater.

- Gorman Farms CSA provides quality vegetables and fruits that we have come to depend on for the Summer months. Observing the farm operation, we believe that the food is grown and harvested with great care and dedication by Farmer Dave and his staff.

- Enjoy chatting with other members at pick up. Food is really good, my sister said they the beets were the sweetest she has ever tasted. The cherry tomatoes are like eating candy

- Thank you so much for allowing us to have fresh, local, organic food. I really love the selection and the self-service nature of the CSA. It was fun to have choices and the trading table. Your hard work is so appreciated.

- I have highly recommended this program and programs like it to many people. Its a great way to get involved in your community and to help local farmers. It was worth every penny!

- Family friendly, fun and delicious! thank you for 2 seasons that have had such a wonderful impact on our family and food life!

- This is a wonderful program! Kudos to all the hard work. It is much appreciated!

- I am thankful and blessed to have enjoyed a season of fresh, organic, local vegetables for an incredibly fair price!organic farm columbia md

- We love the quality and quantity and we very much look forward to new product next year! Thanks so much for a great season this year!

- The farm really helped us incorporate more vegetables into our meals and eat a healthier diet.

- Thank you for the wonderful job you do.

- Staff great - very knowlegable and helpful. loved the newsletter and learning about the farm

- Pick up day is always an exciting day! We love going to the farm where our food was grown and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Being able to bring my kids and talk to them about health, sustainability, and what goes into growing food is an invaluable experience. We all expanded our palette and tried new foods this last season!

-My daughter loved playing with the toys while I shopped (and also eating whole tomatoes and peppers on the ride home).

-Every week has the potential for adventure...some new veggie or a flower --- a bundle of herbs.

- The variety of foods our family eats has been greatly expanded by joining your csa. When I bring the food home in my share, I feel as if I need to find a way to use it. It makes me think outside my normal routine and try new things. Dinner is always an exciting surprise! My family and I LOVE IT!

- The taste of the vegetables. Much better than the grocery store. Liked that we had a "choice" for some vegetables and the trade table.


2014 CSA Member Testimonials:

- The CSA, truly, changed our lives (my husband & I)! We are both fairly healthy people, but we felt all of the produce we were getting just took our health (through healthy eating) to the next level. We were so inspired and excited by the variety of produce that we received, and we loved trying all sorts of new things that we'd never tried before. We can't say enough about this CSA and how awesome it is! We were sad when it ended in October and we can't wait for it to start again next year.

- My kids love the CSA. They can't wait to try the veggies as soon as we get in the car. After joining the CSA several years ago, our entire lifestyle has changed. We rarely eat meat during the growing season, and most of our food is fresh and not processed. We eat so much healthier then we used to!

- Thursday afternoon when I picked up my share was always the highlight of my week. I used to dread grocery shopping, but going from the farm directly to the grocery store while thinking about all the wonderful meals I could make with my veggies made a tiresome job much more fun.

- It was a fun way for a friend and I to try new foods, learn new recipes and become more connected to our community.

- There was one week were somehow I forgot to pick up and even though a came a different day and at closing, much to my chagrin, one of the staff cheerfully went back into the "cooler" and picked out my share for me! As I've said awesome customer service. Love it! Have told many of your share program.

- It was actually better than what I expected in terms of quality...this was GOOD food

-  You get a good amount of food for the price.

- You do a great job. I've been in 3 CSAs and you are the best. I brought in some friends from my previous one and they all agree.

- I shop for organic food in the grocery stores so I know that I am getting great variety at a great price. The value of knowing where my food comes from is a big part of it.

- The quality and freshness are outstanding; produce lasts *so* much longer than equivalent from Whole Foods or Wegmans, that it makes it a great value as well as the best in flavor.

- Fresh vegetables that taste infinitely better than from the store. Veggies that last longer since they weren't picked early and then shipped across the entire country for a week or so. Grown close to our home. Just amazing.

- Totally worth it. Encourages better habits

-  Local, good growing ethics, GREAT food. Perfect!

- Knock everyone else out of the park!

- How cool is it that you have a library?? As far as I'm concerned, you guys win the game of life.

- Again, I appreciate all of the improvements that you have made since year #1. The trade table was a HUGE bonus to me, as it gave a little wiggle room for those weeks that I couldn't use/eat all of those greens. Thanks for offering that!

- We enjoyed it all. Thank you for serving our community with your hard work and wonderful harvest! It is a special and unique experience for my children to see where food really comes from while supporting our local farm.

- I really loved the addition of the trade table this year! It was so nice to leave an item that I knew I wouldn't use and take home a little extra something that I could use! Please continue this in the future! Simply loved the whole experience and knowing that I was feeding my family new, healthy foods!

- As a Pediatrician, parents frequently ask me how they can get their kids to eat vegetables. "Take them to Gorman Farm!" I say. Let them run around in the fresh air then pick out some brightly colored veggies, take them home and cook them. Fun and healthy for everyone in the family.

-  I like the more direct experience with your farm. My kids really enjoy coming to "the farm" to get their food.

- Much better organized, accessible, and professional than any CSA we have belonged to

- We've looked into other farms, because we are no longer a mile down the road from you! We come back because the quality is excellent, you grow organically and because we can pick our own produce from the stand (no prepackaged coolers). Also, there is no line to wait to pick out our vegetables, which is key on the days I either have impatient children with me or need to pick them up soon.

- Gorman Farms is so much better and fresher and picking out our share makes the experience much more satisfying. Seeing the farm and workers is an added bonus and makes us feel part of the farm.

- Have had FANTASTIC experiences with both CSAs. I love being able to drive to your actual farm at Gorman, rather than picking up at a neutral site (library) for my other CSA experience. I also LOVE being able to pick out my exact vegetables at Gorman (rather than receiving it prepacked into a cooler with the other CSA).

- We are very glad we switched to Gorman Farms. We like that most of the food is grown right here in MD and picking up at the farm keeps everything in better condition.

- Gorman had more variety and better quality produce. We appreciate the organic growing practices.

- We feel so fortunate to have this farm so close to our home.

- I really love the pick-up style, getting to select my own vegetables. The trade table was a HUGE bonus and helped immensely on the weeks that there were a few things we wouldn't eat (beets).

- This is absolutely the best part of this CSA. It is organized, very clear, the time frames are great, and we like knowing we can alter the day occasionally if we need to, which we didn't. The boards are clear, the produce is layed out nicely and easy to find/pick up. Very quick. Can't say enough about how much better run and professional the pick up is compared to any other CSA we've done.

- Thanks for such a great CSA experience! We are looking forward to supporting you next year.

- We really enjoyed our CSA experience. Just driving down the dirt road and seeing the large barn was peaceful and relaxing. Knowing that I was getting locally grown, fresh produce while expanding my culinary palate was a really grounding experience. My husband and I looked forward every Wednesday to the newsletter so that we could plan our meals for the week! Although the shares at times were very large, it was nice to trade at the trading table or even give a few pounds of extra tomatoes to friends.

- The quality of the food is excellent.

- I like the share table. Also, the variety of veggies really helps to expand our weekly menus and gets us out of the rut of preparing the same things over and over again.

- I was constantly impressed by the whole experience. The staff was friendly and often knew my name, the food was AMAZING, the farm itself was so beautiful, and of course the quality and value of the food could not be rivaled in any grocery store. The whole family loves Gorman Farms!

- We love the farm! The staff is the best! Oh yeah, and the food. ;)

- Occasionally other CSA-ers who were there for pickup were chatty, and I always found that chat-with-a-stranger experience really fun. They also seemed very pleased with the CSA service.

- I loved the library.

- It's a great story about wanting to provide a service to the community which also hopefully is making a profit. I've seen quite a few parents with children come to pick up their produce and think how great there is a place where they can see where their food really comes from.

- My kids have tried veggies I would never have purchased before. I now love kale chips and beet crisps! And I am said when I have to return to grocery produce in the winter.

- Again, your operation is very well-run.

- We have been members since the start and are very impressed by how you have grown and improved each year. Really like the separate space for members in the barn this year, and the signs on each bin.

- It's nice to have a place where we can get real tomatoes!!

- It just feels like the grandparents' farm that I never had (my granddad ran a bike shop.) Or having your own organic garden without having to lift a finger. And the food is a gourmet's dream (which I am, a multicultural one - we make Chinese, Italian and German food at home with your wonderful produce.) The people are lovely; what an oasis. It is one of the few places around Howard County that reminds me of balmy Bay Area, where I come from.

- I loved it! My husband and I changed our diets considerably and introduced many vegetables that I don't normally use but found we really liked!

- We truly appreciate having a local farm with excellent produce here in Laurel. This was our 2nd year and your farm has already changed our eating habits.

- Your bounty had encouraged us to try new veggies, which we really enjoyed, and it was a boost to our health, too!

- We had a neighbor pick up for us on 3 occasions when we were traveling. They loved the experience, and used as much of the produce as they could to puree for baby food for their 6 month old.

- We definitely expanded our palette and ate healthier with the CSA!

- Multiple times while picking up my share I had the opportunity to swap ideas and recipes with other CSA members.

- I decided early on to try any new food at least once rather than swapping....and I found that I very rarely swapped all season!

- I love Gorman Farm and can't say enough good things. I loved getting seasonal produce and esp. loved rediscovering fall squashes this year. Our weekly share put an end to dinner having the same few boring vegetable and introduced my kids to things they would never have tried. Thanks!

- Gorman Farm is just what eastern HoCo needs: a family-friendly farm and farmstand selling fresh, local food, and keeping the county's agricultural heritage alive

- Was great having Christmas trees offered. We purchased a fresh, healthy tree that was nicely trimmed. My husband doesn't usually do CSA pickups, but talked about his great experience getting the tree. He appreciated your integrity - the fact that you discounted trees w/large bare spots rather than hiding the bare spots for an unsuspecting consumer!


 2013 CSA Member Testimonials:

- We thoroughly enjoyed our first year with the CSA. The quantity and quality of the produce was exceptional and it was a fun adventure planning our meals around our share. It has been disappointing having to buy our produce at the grocery store since the CSA season ended. We are looking forward to next year's crops!

- In casual conversations with other CSA participants from other farms, we always came away feeling like we liked how Gorman Farms operated.

- I really enjoyed this first CSA experience, and I can't wait for next year so I can participate for the whole season!

- The quality of the produce, both in the CSA and farm stand, are fantastic. You really can't beat locally-grown food. I always looked forward to coming in on pickup days, chatting with the staff, and seeing what goodies I'd have to eat that week. I probably ate more healthily during this CSA season than I ever have, and it was delicious.

- It was a great experience in every way. We told friends, family, and neighbors about it.best CSA

- I have referred multiple people and, now, I almost always run into somebody I know when doing pickup. Participating in Gorman Farm makes me feel like I live in a small town with a local community being supported by OUR farm. Hope you don't mind but that's what the kids call it - OUR farm!

- You made our whole year brighter; we treasured Wed pickups; had to be creative with some of the new produce or more produce than usual and if you had a option to upload, I'd send you my heart shaped sweet potato lunch from your farm that made me smile.

- We loved trying lots of new vegetables we'd never had before and now we have some new favorites. The freshness and quality of the vegetables was great!

- This was my first time in a CSA. I loved the weekly pick ups, the variety, and the value. Now that it is over for the year, what I get at the grocery store is somewhat inferior.

- Pickup was always something we looked forward to. We miss GF!

- Our three kids love accompanying us to the farm stand and helping choose and weigh the produce. We're always greeted with a smile and the kids feel free to explore and to ask questions of the staff. We love Gorman!

- My 3.5 year old loves going "to pickup our vegetables" every Friday and seeing the big tractors! He also really loved the kids corner and especially the little shopping cart. I liked that he was learning where his food comes from and felt one step closer to that experience.

- Participating in the CSA results in cooking adventures that we are enjoying. We have added many new vegetables & recipes to our family menu. The food is very high quality.

- We loved everything about the entire experience: visiting the farm, experimenting with new foods, eating the delicious produce, enjoying a healthier diet, and helping contribute to a more sustainable way of living. I would recommend Gorman Farms to anyone. Thank you all so much!

- Gorman is the real deal! They are passionate and true to their mission of providing REAL produce for the community.

- We love the whole experience of getting our food from the farm. Each week it felt like we were given such a gift. The farm CSA and stand have come a long way since we first joined, and each year gets better.

- A good friend will likely be joining next year after she picked up my share one week; she was very impressed!

- I loved going to the farm each week. I like to know where my food was grown. Plus, it's just a peaceful place.

- Love how well-organized this CSA is!

- Just love the farm and the produce that comes from it and your hard work. Please keep it up, it is a great thing for our community.

 2012 CSA Member Testimonials:


-  "We love Gorman Farms - the staff, the place, the food. Thank you!!!!"

- "I love my Gorman Farms CSA! I am so

barn and disks

sad it's over, but look forward to 2013!"

- "Thank you for your responsiveness and obvious attention to quality and customer experience"

- "Gorman Farm has been our favorite CSA by far. The quality of your produce is significantly better than the others. We've also been very happy with your overall quantity, variety, logistics, convenience, and friendliness."

- "I know we eat a good deal more veggies while the farm stand is open because the produce has a very definite fresher flavor than that which we can purchase in the store. In some ways you could say we become "somewhat vegetarians"
during the CSA months."

- "We thoroughly enjoyed trying new vegetables and expanding our culinary horizons: thanks for such a great, local experience! We are already looking forward to next year."

- "I really enjoyed the CSA. It really gave me a sense of community and not being from this area, I felt a little more at home having fresh vegetables as we always did back where I grew up. The vegetables were always wonderful and I enjoyed
having a good reason to stop by the farm every week. Thank you all so much for all you do! Also, the honey is a-m-a-z-i-n-g."

- "Your staff is friendly and the overall experience is great. I appreciate what you do
for my health and for the community. Thanks"

- "Thanks for all your hard work to provide excellent local produce in the area. This will be my 3rd season in the CSA and I recommend you highly to anyone who will listen"

- "Really appreciate all the hard work and care that goes into the farm - it shows in the gorgeous delicious produce! Thanks for feeding us"

- "Your produce was a great value and fantastic quality! I am so glad that I participated!!! "

- "I thought given how young the CSA and the crazy weather that you did a good job balancing/honoring csa contract commitments each week against customer expectations. I liked occasional conversations with Famer Dave hearing about the weather the yellow on the tops or shoulders of tomatoes and how to fix or solve it by adding ingredients to the soil. I liked hearing about the weather, crops or bees and honey or where the corn was from and if it was good and that a gallon of cider was made available just for me after weeks of just missing being able to buy it. I would read the newsletter for tidbits like that. In grocery store's you are lucky to get COOL (Country of origin labeling) as to whether that lettuce is from Mexico or the Midwest and don't know conditions, such as: soil, water or pesticides it was grown in or how long it's been on the shelves."

- "We did not expect such a variety and were so excited to pick up every week. Even my daughter's friends enjoyed tagging along to the farm. We made sure to try any items that we have never had before. Even if we had to choose between something new or a favorite item. I learned how to cook several veggies. I have told several friends about the CSA. Thank you for the recipes. They were very helpful."

- "We rave about your CSA and have gotten some people to try yours as well as the CSA concept in general for those who don't live in the area. We hooked my wife's parents on a CSA in their neighborhood."

- "Thank you for the care you take in farming and providing organic food. The CSA is a great opportunity for our family to experience fresh, healthy fruits and veggies."

- "In general, we've been very happy with Gorman Farms. Compared to friends who have other CSAs and who shop solely at Farmers Markets, we find we get great value for organic produce, the freshest "from the farm" food, and exceptional variety within a week's share."

- "Had comments from friends about how tasty and beautiful items were when they were visiting - much more flavor than grocery store."

- "Everyone working at the stand was always very helpful and friendly."

- "My children understand that food that is good for you is grown. Real food comes from plants. This is an important lesson that children actually have to be taught in today's world."

- "Have never had anything but a great experience. You guys have great hours, are friendly, and take credit cards. Nothing to complain about. I recommend you to everyone."

- "It tickled me to realize that our veggie intake has increased due to participating in the CSA program. I've always had a hard time getting us to eat more veggies, but I suppose that's because I never branched out much from our "comfort veggies". Getting such a variety and quantity each week has really forced me to learn about new veggies and how to use them, and ultimately led to us having new favorites."

- "This was a great experience! We tried many new vegetables as a result of the CSA; which made meal planning a bit of an adventure. We enjoyed the challenge and have found some great ways to use the vegetables that will be "keepers" in our family meals"

Comments from prior seasons

- "Gorman Farm has better variety and more choices, such as the many pepper types, greens types, etc. I liked choosing my own veggies at the stand. I love knowing what veggies I buy are grown locally. You do a fantastic job! I love your newsletter and tried several recipes."
organic csa farm in maryland
- "Thank you for the opportunity to put my politics in action locally and eat well. You saved me a lot of money $$ at the grocery store because I always overspend when I go, and because of my shares, I didn't have to go nearly as much."

- "This has been great again. I appreciate the knowledge of the staff, the ideas for cooking some of the less common veggies and the variety."

- "Really enjoyed the honey this year! We appreciate everyones kindness and helpful tips!!"

- "We love the recipes in the newsletter and the variety of fruits & veggies."

- "You had more weekly variety, our last CSA had more unusual items, but we were given a box. I liked being able to pick my own produce."

- "The people at your produce stand are extremely friendly, helpful, and informative. We've had a great experience with you."

- "The variety & price of the produce is excellent."

- "Love the newsletter and recipes, would appreciate tours of the field."

- "Food is fresher, enjoy contact with staff which we didn't have before; enjoy talking recipes and help with identifying veggies - which was a problem before. The newsletter was great - also love the signs and general welcoming feelings. It was fun to pick out the produce instead of being given a box - one had a roach last year not your csa. For health and energy reasons we prefer organic and local veggies. We want to support local growers. We want to be challenged to try new produce"

- "I especially enjoyed the variety of greens - it promoted a good diet for the summer"

- "I like the ability to pick from what's available"

- "We've been really happy with the CSA and are so glad that we signed up. We really look forward to next year and stopping by the farm stand."

- "I wanted our family to support a local and organic farm that would provide us with fresh from the farm veggies and introduce us to some new produce. I wanted my children involved in a "hands-on" experience and feel like they had some choice in healthy foods each week.
    We have thoroughly enjoyed this, our 1st CSA experience. Yes, we were overwhelmed sometimes with peppers and potatoes but hey - we understand that we get what we get according to your successful (or unsuccessful) season/crop which hinges on weather & other factors out of anyones control (stinkbugs).
        This is a risk anyone takes when investing in a share and we knew that coming into it. WE LOVED watching the farm stand transform week to week - from no scales to a few scales to set-up changes to the fancy new CSA chalkboard to providing baked treats from a local baker!
            I feel the overall cost of the full share was an absolute bargain (shh…please don't increase the price!!) Each week I compared my share to the local grocery store organic offerings… I happily didn't purchase most veggies at the store from june - oct."

- "Loved the idea of local/close fun to visit with my granddaughters"

- "Thank you for all your hard work & your newsletters. Using Le Ann Chin's cookbook (Chinese stir frying) I used all the greens."

- "It has been a great experience to plan my meals around the season's vegetables"

- "Love being a member of this CSA! We're in for good!"

- "I really enjoyed everything. The newsletters were great way for us to feel connected to the farm. Everyone working there was knowledgable and friendly."

- "It has been fabulous. The food is wonderful and I love coming to the farm with my small son."

- "Great experience"

- "Excellent Staff - very friendly, great experience"

- "We had a great experience - will definitely be back next year"

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