What is CSA?

Community supported agriculture is an alternative, locally-based model of distribution not dependent on the conventional market. This offers a direct relationship between the farm and the community.

It allows farmers to focus on growing the highest quality crops and maintaining a sustainable diversity while giving members and locals access to the freshest source possible.

Each year a limited number of memberships are pre-sold for a share in the coming harvest. Members receive a weekly bounty of fresh produce according to seasonal supply.

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All Product Graphs

All Product Graphs

CSA Crop List

CSA Crop List

This is the list of what we grow organically for our CSA program. Many crops listed here will be only available to members in our CSA program. Overages grown will be sold and available at the farm stand some of the time.

This is our current crop plan for the upcoming CSA season. This is intended as a guide line to what we plan to grow. For CSA Members this is a good gauge of the scheduled crops. All of theses crops on this list are grown with the intention of servcing the CSA program. We may add or delete different crops at any time.

You may notice some crops listed have a whole season span. Most of the time that is because there are two times per year that they are harvested. Usually late spring/early summer & fall. Most greens are less available in the peak of summers heat.

Hover your mouse over the note on the different crops for extra details.

Product Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
spring & fall  
Lettuce note  
Greens: Mizuna note   
Bok choy note    
Greens: Arugula note    
Greens: Lettuce heads note    
Greens: Dandelion itailian & red note    
Lettuce Mix note    
Kale note    
Collard Greens note    
Kohlrabi note    
Chinese Cabbage note    
Scallions (Green Onion) note    
Radish note    
Broccoli - heads, side shoots, broccoli raab note    
Swiss Chard note    
Greens: Mustard & Purple Mustard note    
Sugar Snap Peas & Snow Peas    
Carrots note    
Summer Squash note    
Cabbage, green, red, savoy note     
Beets, Red, Yellow & Chiogga     
Cucumber note     
Potatoes note     
Garlic note     
Beans, Green     
Beans, Yellow Wax     
Herbs. Misc. Chives, Parsley, Sage, Cilantro      
Onions - Yellow, white, & purple      
Melons - Sunjewel (cucumber melon)      
Melons - Watermelon, Red Seeded & Yellows      
Peppers note      
Eggplant note      
Melon Misc. Honeydews, Canary's, Sensations      
Melon Canary      
Herbs Basil      
Tomatoes note      
Greens: Escarole       
Sweet Potato       
Winter Squash note        
Cauliflower note        
Greens: Radicchio        
Caulifower - Romanesco         

Farmstand Product List

 This graph shows some of the other crops & products we intend to sell, but may not grow or produce on site.

Product Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Lettuce note  
Fresh Baked Pies     
Sweet Corn      
Melons Canteloupe & Watermelon      
Peaches note      
Pumpkins Carving & Edible        
Gourds & mixed hard squash        
Apple Cider