Mission & Who We Are

Connect our members to our farm by providing the best source of organic vegetables possible coupled with an incomparable farm experience.

We offer fresh, nutrient rich, flavorful fruits and vegetables grown with organically on site through our Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) program. Proud to serve and located in Eastern Howard County, Columbia, Laurel and all adjacent areas in Maryland just off Interstate 95 in a convenient location between Baltimore & Washington DC. We deliver a unique and educational experience filled with quality and consistency.

We grow everything with organic methods. We use OMRI (organic materials review institute) products for fertilization, disease and pest management. We employ integrated pest management, IPM, strategies and always aim towards sustainability in all that we do. We build compost for supplementing our plants nutrition and the soils overall health. We strategically cover crop our ground to protect from erosion, feed our soil, maintain and offset fertility issues.

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Dave & Lydia Liker moved back home to Maryland in the fall of 2008 to build and start Gorman Farm. After extensively reviewing the market and searching for the right piece ground Gorman Farm opened for it’s first season of production in 2009. Starting our 9th growing seasons on what started as raw land with no road, no water, no power & no functional infrastructure Gorman Farm has been turned into a functional operating full scale organic farm.

The first season started with about 2.5 acres of crop production and a 28 member CSA. Five years later Gorman Farm ended with over 440 CSA members and approximately 25 acres in crop production. Presently we are capped out at 500 CSA members. We employ up to ten full time employees in the peak of the season and offer a Pick your own strawberries in spring.

Over the course of several seasons we have experimented with different avenues of marketing our produce while always maintaining a #1 focus on our CSA program. It is the CSA program that is the driving force and the reason the farm exists today. After several seasons growing and expanding a full scale farm market, participating in off site farmers markets, selling wholesale to restaurants and other farm stands, we have scaled back our efforts to focus almost 100% on the CSA part of the farm and the intensive and diligent production required to offer consistent high quality. The farm has matured quickly over a short period of time to obtain the original mission it set out to do.

With our mission being Community and CSA focused, we aim to expand our CSA program through value in high quality organically grown produce and simple logistics for our members. We aim to provide an optional interactive and educational element to our CSA program where friends, family, neighbors and farmers can come together to help one another lead strong and fulfilling lives.

We are currently preparing our second location just a few miles west of the Gorman Rd. farm to better serve our community, give our soils better rotations and resting ability, and open up more interactive elements to the farm.

We feel honored to be in such a wonderful community that not only values what we do but also has a strong interest and desire for our products.

We are always seeking new opportunities, more land to grow on, and passionately seeking to continue our education as farmers and community care takers to run the best possible business we can.

 Who We Are

The Crew:
Gorman Farm has a stellar staff of highly talented and motivated individuals who are directly responsible, along side Dave & Lydia for creating and providing a high quality product. Gorman Farm is dedicated to its staff as they work hard with conscientiousness and dedication. The farm is a sum of its parts and we are dedicated to them.

Head Farmers:
Dave & Lydia Liker with Children
Gioia age 5, Madeleine Matou age 3, & David Shepard a.k.a "Shep" age 2 - then
Now 7, 5, & 4

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Sarah Bradley
CSA Manager:
Sarah will be starting her 4th season with us in 2017 as the CSA Manager. She runs the distribution, customer service, quality control, social media, and several administration aspects of the farm. Sarah is also responsible for synchronizing the product from the field production crew to the customer base. Sarah is a native from MA. She has a lot experience in agriculture production and distribution. She is highly focused and growing strong with in Gorman Farm. Sarah is currently acquiring her PhD in food science, distribution, and access for food deserts. Her friendly proactive and productive energy is a warm element to have on our team and we are very fortunate to have her.


Ricardo Gomez:
Field Production Manager
Ricardo has been managing the field crew and production systems along side Farmer Dave since 2010. Ricardo maintains a crucial role in the farm and maintains a high quality ethic for what he does. Ricardo’s dedication to the farm has helped Gorman Farm soar to the levels it has in such a short period. We are so fortunate to have Ricardo and his consistent dedication and attention to detail. Ricardo is responsible for all the crop management systems on the farm from planting up through harvest. He maintains constant care and dedication for the needs of the crops.

Field Crew:
All relatives of Ricardo this crew is highly skilled and a very unified group. All are dedicated to the art of growing organic crops. Some have been with us for several seasons and are the true reason for the season. They maintain all operations as well as prepare the farm for its various changes throughout the year. Everyone works hard with care and precision. We consider our selves more than lucky to have them on board.

Charlie Brandts:
Charlie diligently and ethically raises his bees at Gorman Farm, adjacent properties, as well as various farms throughout the county. Charlie raises bees full time in multiple locations and is the Beekeeper for the The White House. A careful, considerate, and meticulous beekeeper with decades of experience Charlie raises his bees as an art with dedication and sophistication. Charlie is a testament to the craft by his endless attention and understanding of the bees fight for survival. The relationship bees play with producing bountiful crops can not be highlighted enough, bees play a key role in feeding humans. Over the years Charlie's honey has become quite coveted. Not only is the flavor and freshness superior but the anti-allergen benefits to local honey are amazing and for some almost prescribed. His bees support our crops and our crops support his bees and we support his honey sales. Charlie and Gorman Farm have had a synergistic & reciprocal relationship for 8 + years. His ethics on farm production go hand in hand with ours when it comes to sustainability and working with nature not against it.  


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